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Archives for October 2012

What should be in your Will?

Your will is often the starting point of an estate plan. Depending on where you are in life, your will can address who will receive the property in your estate, who will care for your minor children, and who should be responsible for administering your estate – that is collecting your assets, paying your debts […]

What is a Durable Power of Attorney? Do I need one?

Trusts can often be the companion piece to a will in your estate plan, but since the topic of trusts can be so broad, there will be comments posted on them at a later time. Today, I want to talk about durable powers of attorney. In its simplest form, a power of attorney is a […]

YOUR parents are going to raise our kids?

“My parents can raise the kids; no your parents; no my parents…” Estate planning issues are faced by people in all walks of life. Even those with more than adequate resources may have issues when crafting their plan. In recent years, the deaths of several prominent people have demonstrated what to do and what not […]

Should I have a Healthcare Power of Attorney or Living Will?

Healthcare powers of attorney and advance directives are created by statute. Similar to durable powers of attorney, a healthcare power of attorney is a document in which you (the principal) designate an agent (the healthcare attorney-in-fact) to make healthcare decisions when you are incapacitated or unable to communicate those decisions on your own. Importantly, your […]

Trusts for Your Estate Plan

Trusts. It used to be trusts were used only by the extremely wealthy. We’ve probably all used the term ‘trust-fund baby’ in some way, shape or form to describe that person who seemed to have it all, no worries, no need to work, always with a pocketful of money because daddy’s trust fund took care […]

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is most-often thought about in terms of a single document, a will, which identifies to whom a person wants his or her property distributed at death. However, such a definition does not truly encompass the idea of Estate Planning. Rather, estate planning is the total process of arranging your affairs in such a […]

Sodoma Law Estate Planning Blog

Welcome to the Sodoma Law Estate Planning Law Blog! In addition to our regular posts, Sodoma Law will begin its first of what will be a series of regular postings and updates on all aspects of Estate Practice – from planning to administration. I hope you’ll take a few moments to read through some of […]