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Archives for September 2013

A.R.T. and the Estate Plan

Artwork is a unique asset in an estate plan.  Paintings, sculptures and literary works can present challenging problems when included in a person’s estate plan.  But this post is about another kind of ART – Assisted Reproductive Technology – and it can present even greater challenges. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is a growing practice area, […]

Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning?

Considering Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning? It is not something I would recommend for anyone considering whether they need a will. Among the reasons why you might want to consider an attorney, rather than a do-it-yourself estate plan are: estate planning attorneys have special expertise to draft a plan specific to your needs; estate planning attorneys can […]

Back to School

As summer ends and our commutes get longer with back to school traffic, some of us face empty bedrooms and fewer members in our homes.  As September begins, many of our first-born children have left for colleges and universities across the United States.  While many of our students might not consider it too important, the […]