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Healthcare Consent for Minors

From time to time, most parents will find themselves in a situation where their minor child is staying with someone else.  Most of the time, this involves the expected overnight stay with a friend or relative.  However, under different circumstances, parents might find themselves away from their children for longer periods of time.  A special anniversary trip, or a child’s invitation to spend the week with a friend and his family out of town, could mean parents and child are away from each other for longer periods.  In these situations, it is advisable to consider executing a Consent to Minor’s Healthcare for situations when the parent cannot quickly get back.

North Carolina has a statutory provision by which a parent can appoint an agent to consent to healthcare for a minor child.  Additionally, healthcare consent for minors can be incorporated into a recommendation letter for a short-term guardian for the minor.  In either case, parents with minor children should consider adding one or both of these documents to their own estate plans.  Not only will the parents get comfort from knowing they’ve taken appropriate steps to be sure their children get necessary healthcare, the person caring for the minor will be assured they can act as necessary if a medical emergency arises and the parents are not immediately available.